Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How sweet it is!

I realize that I've been missing pictures from my blog the last couple of times that I have posted a new entry. I do have some pictures for this post. But first, I need to sing the praises of someone really special.

I came in from a day of hard work shaping our future to find a special treat on my dining room table. It is a NEW hand-held mixer. I had one that I had gotten from my very momma, but sadly, it is no longer with us. Never mind that the mixer was about 40 years old. Well, I relayed this sad tale to Micah one night over the phone several weeks ago. Maybe even a month ago. Today, I come back to my house to find this great gift sitting on the table. I cannot wait to bake something with it. I will definitely post photos of treats that I will be making soon. So, a huge thank you to my sweet MICAH for making my heart so happy. Please note the pink bow on top of the mixer box.

On another note, I am posting a bulletin board that my talented first-graders made. We read "There was Old Lady who swallowed a fly". The students created a new item for the lady to swallow. I think the end result is totally awesome and soooooooo precious! That old lady is pretty darn cute!

I'm also including some pictures of the baby shower we did for my friend Mandy. Her baby is supposed to arrive this Friday! I cannot wait to meet Baby Keaton. I'll post pictures of him whenever he arrives.
Finally, my allergies are calming down a bit, thanks to my allergy shots and Benadryl. Gotta love it!

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Victoria said...

Nice mixer!