Thursday, April 30, 2009 it is!

I have been working on starting a little side business (like I don't do enough already). I am not at my home computer, so I can't really put any pictures up just yet, but they will be added.

I now have a little website with all sorts of goodies that anyone can buy for their loved ones. I truly enjoy creating each item and I hope it all takes off in a good way!You can find me at Take a moment to look around. I hope to have links up that you can buy directly from the website via paypal.

If you start looking and are super-duper excited about wanting something, just shoot me an email: I will get started on it right away!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Crazy time!

I swear I have been around for these last 3 weeks, but I have been super busy. I have to deal with Holy Week, Easter, standardized testing, the testing fairy, end-of-the-year countdown for school, taken my best friend's little boy to paint a mother's day gift, thrown a baby shower, and I'm starting a new side business that will be unveiled by the end of the week.
In between all that other stuff, I'm trying to find time to train for my Brown belt test, prepare for our Mother's Day Concert at church, reorganize/clean out my house, spend some special time with Micah, spend special time with my family, spend special time with my Bon-Bon, get ready for summer, hang out with friends, sew, create, sew, and maybe sleep--but that is usually knocked off the list by something else that is 'more important'.
This is the time of year that I love, but I also loathe with a passion. It seems that everything starts piling up on each other and I feel like I'm being pulled in 250 different directions. Part of it is my own fault because I'll admit--I do a lot of things. However, I also know that I can usually hang out for a week not really doing anything and by the end of the week, I'm bored out of my mind. I get that from my father. He has to constantly be doing something.
I don't really like change as much as I should or one would believe that I do. I like to be involved in a lot of activities, but I like to mentally prepare for things that are coming up. Sunday night I usually plan out what is going on that week in my head. I like to think about what I'm doing for the weekend. Usually it involves having to go to a meeting or something like that, but I like to be prepared for it. Change scares me and totally unnerves me. During college, I always called my momma bawling at this time of the year because I felt out of control. I was having to deal with finals, pack up my room, and then figure out what was going on in the summer. Not knowing what's on my agenda of things to do freaks me out. It's hard to convey that to other people because most people are 'normal' about things like this. For me, it's just how I am. I can't explain it.
I get frustrated because I have a million bajillion things I would like to do, but the day just isn't long enough and my body can only survive on a few hours of sleep for just a couple of days. However, I'm taking a deep breath and I am going to continue to climb up the steps in front of the building in Philadelphia and raise my arms in triumph because I can go the distance!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lia Sophia

Here are Casey and I after our 1st Half Marathon.

Tonight I had a jewelry party for Lia Sophia jewelry. My Lia Sophia jewelry advisor is my good friend Casey. She and I would get up at 5 a.m. and run back when I was into getting up at 5 a.m. and running. Now it doesn't happen as much as it did back then. Casey and I ran the St. Jude's Half Marathon and the Little Rock Half Marathon. I just adore her and her precious family. They are the best!

She came over tonight and showed me all her pretty goodies. I loved it. It's just like playing dress-up, only better because you can buy it and have it for life. You should check out her site and see what you like. This month there is a great customer special. You buy two pieces at regular price and you get up to 4, yes 4, pieces half off. And here's the kicker, they take your highest priced items as the ones for half off! How totally, completely, freakin', rockin' awesome is that business?!?! I am super excited about it. Check it out Here. Let me know if you like something or I think you can even order at that web address. If not, let me know and I'll get you in touch with Casey.
This week has been the week after Spring Break. It has been great to see the kids again, get back into a routine, and have the next countdown at school be the countdown to the end of the school year. As much fun as it has been getting back to school, I have had the hardest time getting enough sleep this entire week. I have just dragged all week long. I don't have too much planned for this weekend--hopefully there will be some blogging. I will post what I did over Spring Break, including pictures. Oh, and catch up on sleeping.

And one more thing.....I still love Micah Cabe. :)