Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I love.....

I haven't been doing a great job of updating because life is getting hectic. I seem to have something every night and every weekend. However, I did have a really funny story to share about one of my students. I have a student in my Kindergarten/First grade choir that wrote me a note. I asked him what the note said and he replied, "I love Mrs. Hui." I didn't feel it was right to correct a Kindergartener about the fact that I'm "Ms. Hui", not "Mrs. Hui", but what got me was what he actually wrote on the paper. When you look at it, it reads, "I love Mrs. Hoe".

P.S. I'm keeping it and framing it. Cracks me up everytime I look at it.
P.P.S. I love my Micah! =)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


My sweet Mary Margaret! She is so precious! You can't believe a package this cute is so smart!
My favorite Victoria--she has such a pretty smile! Maybe she's smiling because she is very intelligent!

My beautiful and intelligent Alexandra!

I would like to take this time to thank all my sisters for being the best friends in the world. They will read this post (if they are checking it) and think, "That's sweet, Jenn, but really, really cheesy!".
My sisters are wonderful and are some of the most important people to me. I don't think my life would be the same if I didn't have them.
Thanks Mom and Dad for having all of them!
Tomorrow is Victoria's 18th birthday. I can't believe that my baby sister is 18 years old. She is so mature and I am very proud of her. I still remember the day that she was born and getting to hold her for the first time. I have special memories of all my sisters--I remember reading to Alex when we were little and I used to dance over Mary's cradle to wake her up so I could hold her and play with her. All of my sisters are special and they are the best in the world.

Happy Birthday, Victoria!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Game 6

Okay.....I should be sleeping, but I'm watching the Red Sox stay alive for upcoming Game 6 against the Tampa Bay Rays. How crazy! If anyone would have predicted that I would be watching something like this and could actually follow along---well, I would have lost money on that bet.

Thanks to my Micah, I'm watching the Red Sox and am soooooo happy that they came back from 7-0 to win 7-8! How totally awesome is that? The answer is--WAY AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I'm glad that my Micah is super, duper happy now!

Jennifer and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad--well, maybe not so bad day

This morning

This morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. One of my preschoolers told me yesterday, when she arrived grumpy at my class, "I guess I just woke up on the wrong side of my mat!" It was very cloudy, slightly drizzling, and cooler. I don't mind the cooler temps--in fact, adore them, but the rest of the weather was not great. I woke up very early to do some cooking. We have a couple of potlucks coming up for school and so I was getting a head start on my cooking. I didn't sleep well the night before. My mind was racing, full of what-ifs and planning on the future of all sorts of things. It's very hard to sleep at night with full brain and lots of questions. I am the type of person that likes to know what to expect. It may not happen for "years and years", as my Pop-pop used to say, but I still like to be privy to any inside knowledge. However, I know that God is trying to tell me that I have to be patient for whatever treasures await for me in life. I'm the world's worst at spoiling a present or any surprise treat that I may have gotten for someone because I want them to know about it right away. That kind of defeats the purpose of a surprise. =)

So, all this was on my mind last night and I woke up kind of grumpy. Then, my mom wasn't feeling well and I never like that, so that just added to the day. But now it's 1:15 p.m. and the sun is shining. I have had some great classes today with wonderful students who have made me laughed. And now I think, I don't have to plan everything out. I can take things as they come--I can just roll with the flow. And now I think it's NOT a terrible, horrible, no good, very day!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Micah and I at the event

It's been a while since I last blogged, so here I am. I had a busy week, followed by a busier weekend, complicated by the fact that ragweed decided to do whatever it does in full force, therefore escalating my allergies.

Friday I took a personal day and went to see my dad model. That's right, model. He was one of the GENTLEMEN of DISTINCTION for the Hope fundraiser. It was so great. The cause is a wonderful one--Helping Oncology Patients Excel. My dad was the cutest one up there. The best moment was when he and the other model decided to dance at the end of the runway. My dad has a lot of talents, but dancing is not one of his bests. Well, he broke out some new moves Friday night and they were so great--almost M.C. Hammer worthy. (Not really, but the effort and energy were amazing!)

Micah and I came back to Conway on Saturday and watched football. I also did some routine chores around the house. I went out and celebrated Jamie's birthday. We had lots of fun. I had to bail out early due to allergy sickness, but we had a blast.

Sunday I cooked Sarah Lehren Greer's fabulous Chicken Dumpling recipe. Super Yummy! I sent the leftovers back with Micah since he loved them so much.

Tonight I made myself some chili. I wish it was a bit colder outside, but I was in the mood for chili. Bonnie was sneaky and licked my bowl a little when I was done, so now her mouth is stained a nice red color.
This weekend will be a busy one--my mom and I are going to have a sleepover this Saturday--and this week I'm working on some house projects. Hopefully, I can post some finished product pics later!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cha-Cha Slide

Last Thursday, Radio Disney stopped by our school to host two assemblies. One was for our Elementary students and the other was for our Primary students. Some might have grumbled at the fact that the teachers had to attend the assembly and participate. I was not one of those grumblers. I was right in the middle of the kids, doing all the dances. Surprisingly or sadly, I knew all of them and even received a couple of compliments from the Radio Disney people themselves. They are promoting their new thing of "5 different activities for 5 minutes and all 5 food groups" during the day. It made exercise fun for these kids and not scary at all.

When the assembly began, I sat in the back so I could keep an eye on everyone, however, that soon changed whenever they would have us dance. I ran up to the front and got in the middle of the students and we all had a blast. We did the Cha-Cha Slide, the Chicken Dance, the Step, and then we jammed to "Camp Rock". It was so cool. (wink) Honestly, I did have a lot of fun!

At the Primary, we did the Cha-Cha Slide and Chicken Dance. Then, we did some of the best dances! There was a silly dance and the kids loved it. I cannot wait until I have kids and we will dance around all the time. Those of you who have younger kids (or no kids) probably don't listen to Radio Disney all the time, but it is really fun for children to listen to. It's music that they like and you don't have to worry about it being inappropriate or vulgar. It's a great thing!

One thing I do marvel at, is the fact that some students cannot remember that 2 + 2 = 4, but put on a Jonas Brothers song or Hannah Montana and step back! They will blow you over by singing ALL of the lyrics perfectly! Amazing!

Friday, October 3, 2008


More awesome homemade bread
Layered cake from scratch and homemade icing

Tonight, I baked a layered cake from scratch. I also made the icing from scratch. It looks delicious! I tasted some of the scraps and I can't wait for the whole thing. I made it in honor of REILLY. She won school secretary for our Student Council.
She and her family are involved with Karate and they are so dear to me. We are having a Congratulatory party for her tomorrow night.
I made some more bread and again, it is fabulous. My aunt gave me a wire rack and it totally rocks. I included pics, but they are not the best quality since I took them on my phone, but they will do.

I'm loving baking and being all homemaker-y. Not quite sure if that's a word, but I just used it. I'm going to make some mittens for the family that bought my scarf and hat at our Teacher Auction tonight. They paid a pretty penny for it and so I'm throwing in some hand-made mittens.
Totally awesome!

Tomorrow night I'm making a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting for my friend Jamie. Her birthday is next Wednesday, so we are starting the festivities this weekend and will continue until the next weekend.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!