Friday, October 3, 2008


More awesome homemade bread
Layered cake from scratch and homemade icing

Tonight, I baked a layered cake from scratch. I also made the icing from scratch. It looks delicious! I tasted some of the scraps and I can't wait for the whole thing. I made it in honor of REILLY. She won school secretary for our Student Council.
She and her family are involved with Karate and they are so dear to me. We are having a Congratulatory party for her tomorrow night.
I made some more bread and again, it is fabulous. My aunt gave me a wire rack and it totally rocks. I included pics, but they are not the best quality since I took them on my phone, but they will do.

I'm loving baking and being all homemaker-y. Not quite sure if that's a word, but I just used it. I'm going to make some mittens for the family that bought my scarf and hat at our Teacher Auction tonight. They paid a pretty penny for it and so I'm throwing in some hand-made mittens.
Totally awesome!

Tomorrow night I'm making a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting for my friend Jamie. Her birthday is next Wednesday, so we are starting the festivities this weekend and will continue until the next weekend.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Diane said...

I always knew you had great talent, a great brain and a heart bigger than most. I never knew you could bake too!!

Kate's momma, Diane :)