Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kate Rocks My World!!!!

Kate informed that the link wasn't working in the previous post and that I could just copy it from the other blog and post it here. So, I did that and now Kate rocks my world once again!!!!!! She always has, but she rocks it even more!
When observing these pictures, please note that I hung all the hardware in this bathroom. By myself. With no men involved. I rock.
Finished project--doesn't it look lovely!
Before picture--note the messy counters and halfway painted part to inspire me to finish it. It didn't do that.
New car in garage. Note--garage is on list of de-clutter projects
Another picture of the counters--look at how clean they areA before picture! Messy, messy, messy!

Since my wreck, I had been driving a great rental car, an HHR from Chevy. This past Monday (January 19th) I got a new car. It's a RAV4. It is so precious. I absolutely love it!
This past weekend I went down to Micah's (I'm actually down again this weekend), came back to Conway and started to paint my bathroom, and got a new car. It was a busy, tiring weekend.
Here are pictures from my first de-cluttering project. I started with my master bathroom. I do realize that it is the smallest room and area that I could have possibly started with, but it's done and it looks great. I started with painting the bathroom the same color as my bedroom. When I moved in, like 6 years ago, I painted the bedroom before all the furniture was moved in it. I knew I wouldn't get it painted if I didn't do it then. I had every good intention of painting the bathroom at that same time, but never did. A couple of years go by and then I decide I'm going to paint a little bit in the bathroom, so I'll be inspired to finish it. A couple years later, here we are. I wanted to put up a shelf, but I knew I couldn't and really shouldn't put the shelf up unless I finished painting the whole bathroom. So, I decided Sunday that I was going to since we had Monday off from school. I didn't start painting until about 9 p.m. Real smart. I painted for several hours and then woke up Monday morning and painted some more. I needed an angled brush so I could cut in the edges at the walls and baseboards, so I had to go to Wal-Mart Monday afternoon and get that. In between painting on Monday, I picked up my new car, went out to lunch, and had several piano lessons with my students. THEN, I finally went back that evening and finished painting the entire bathroom. It was way past midnight when I was done, but totally worth it.
I didn't really finish cleaning out under the cabinet or decided where I wanted to put everything until Wednesday night after choir practice. I went by Starbucks with my Sissy, whom I was giving a ride in my new car. Then, I went back and got to work. I finally finished everything up on Thursday evening. I had to go to Lowe's and buy a new hand towel ring. I don't really like having a hand towel ring and I was really resistant to getting one, but I realized that I always have a hand towel in my bathroom. I might not like the rings, but I always have a hand towel that deserves to be placed in its correct area.
So, now that this project is completed, let me go over details:
1 can of sage green paint from Sherman Williams
1 new paint brush from Wal-Mart
1 bag of trash collected and thrown out
3 items that will be moved into the guest bathroom with a vast amount of cabinet room2 bags of things given to friends (1 bag-lip glosses, lotion, and perfume samples that kids adore, 1 bag-headbands, hair ties, ponytail holders, stretchy headbands)
1 new towel ring holder
Completely clear countertop
tray containing my "A" items--items that I use everyday and it makes sense that they are out in an 'easy' accessible place
my 'nice' towels placed out in everyday use because I deserve such luxuries. I shouldn't save them for other people. I deserve to use my 'nice' things.
My next project is my master closet. It's going to be major fun to organize in there!

Check it out.

Car in garage--note: the garage will be a future de-cluttering project. Have no fear!
Before--check out the halfway done paint. That was supposed to inspire me. Note the messy counters and opened drawers.

Ahhh! The finished project! So nice! Note that all the fixtures were hung up by me! All by myself!

I did finish my first de-cluttering project. I will post a before and after picture here, but if you want more details, check out my other blog here. I messed up when I was writing it and didn't realize until the end that I was on the wrong blog. So, I'm going to be lazy and not rewrite it. Really you should go there and look at it because I wrote in detail about the project and it was really cool.

Oh, I also got my new car! It's a RAV4--super cool and I love it.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well, I do believe that my birthday was a spectacular Jenn-tacular celebration. I had a lot of fun and have some of the best friends and family.

I didn't add another update the evening of my birthday. I was at McAlister's, eating with friends, and when I came back to my house, I packed to come down to Micah's. Since the last update at lunchtime on January 15, I went to Price Cutter and got a birthday cake for my After-school choir kids. We had a mini-celebration and the kids loved it. Then, I had some piano lessons after school. I went home and checked my mail and found some birthday cards from my very Momma and Daddy. I had also received some more birthday texts, including one from Charlie and his Mimi, whom I call Angel. I know that Charlie is very smart, but I do have to admit that I was impressed with his texting skills at 9 months old! =) My very Momma sent me three birthday cards. One never fully conveys all the wishes that you would like to send to the birthday recipient. My very Momma had the cards marked in the order that she wanted me to open them. The first one was a very sweet one. Of course, I cried. Then, I opened the second card and it was about how a daughter grows up and even though she has to leave and start her own life, she is always your daughter and her home is always there with her Mom and Dad. You got it, MORE tears. Then, I opened the final card and it was super sweet. This card also contained my birthday present, which was totally awesome. Then, I called my momma and told her how I liked it all---the presentation, the chosen cards, the gift--and how it all made me cry. She almost started crying, but was super happy that I loved it all. I had my final piano lesson of the evening, got some new pink pajamas from those girls. I went to Starbucks and had a Caffe Mocha. I got a call from my Alex and talked to her a bit. Then, I went to McAlister's. The first people to arrive were Jamie and James Paul. Then Keri came with the homemade birthday cake that Shana made. It was super delicious. Carie and Will arrived and Shana came with Reilly and Piper. About halfway during the meal, Colton and Anthony made it in. They had to teach at Greenbrier, so that's why they were late. We ate and opened presents. I got a really cool soap dispenser from Jamie that has a peace sign on it. I loved it! Carie, Will, and Hannah (who was at dance) gave me a steering wheel cover to help me grip it better. Way awesome and totally will use in my new car! Shana, Tom, Keri, Reilly, and Piper all got me a pedicure. I love pedicures. Shana is a major non-clutter person and she knows of my desire to be more like her. She told me that she was going to help me in my process of de-cluttering my house by getting me a present that can be used on myself and did not add to the 'things at my house' pile that is my house.

Yesterday I drove down to El Dorado. I was really nervous and a bit scared to drive past the wreck site. The thing that upset me the most was seeing the two tire streaks on the road where I tried to slam on the brakes and avoid the other person. That was really scary and showed me how far away I was and how I did try to not hit into another car. I knew I had done that, but I got to see physical evidence of it. It was nerve-wracking, but I made it down here. Micah and I had a quiet evening at the house. We went out to lunch today with his dad. James (Micah's dad) had his birthday yesterday, January 16. Just one day off of the best day ever. We may stay in tonight or may go bowling. Who knows? We're wild and crazy people.

On a final note, I received official confirmation on my comps and I did pass everything and am awaiting that big diploma with my name and the letters, MEd after it. Totally awesome!

I pick up my new car on Monday. Pics will follow! Also, I'm tackling my first de-clutter project, my bathroom. It's not as cluttered as it's just not completely done. I need to finish painting the walls and redo some of the pictures in there. I plan on painting tomorrow evening and then finishing it all up on Monday. I will post before and after pictures.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

Okay, I'm not really as self-centered as it appears when it comes to my birthday. I just LOVE my birthday. My children are either going to love this fact about me or it's going to drive them up a wall. I'm really thinking they are going to like it because I do birthdays up big, so it's a win-win situation for them.

ANYWAYS, I had plans to upload a birthday pic this morning, but I was running late. I'm going to update this post throughout the day to let everyone know what I'm doing this fabulous day.

The birthday festivities and celebrations started last weekend with a birthday gift from my SISSY. I know have completed my collection of the Friends DVD's thanks to her. I was lacking seasons 2,3, and 4, but no more!

Yesterday, I got a gift card to from my friend Patricia, which today, has already been used up by me getting books on my Kindle. I love that thing with a passion.

I also got some birthday cards in the mail. One was from Mary Margaret, whose card informed me that no matter what has changed with me throughout the years (hair, clothes, etc.) one thing has stayed the same. She will always be younger than me. Then, on the back of the card, it informs me that 'I'm no Spring chicken!'. That funny girl! Thanks for the card, Moe!

I also got a card from Victoria, which told me how fabulous I was and I'm on this list of fabulous women, which really just includes Victoria and me. It made me laugh. She also drew a picture of Bonnie and told her hi. Victoria--Bonnie was very touched that you thought of her and says hi back! =)

Then, I got a card from Micah that informed me that not only was I cute, I was hot. I wasn't just hot, I was sizzlin' hot. I'm not just sizzlin' hot, I'm smokin' hot!!! This last part was on the inside of the card and when you opened it up, it had the sound effect of a smoke alarm going off because let's face it, I'm smokin' hot! =) I loved this card!!!!! Thanks so much, Micah! Love you!

Onto today, the actual day of my joyous entry into this world. I got birthday texts from Tom and Shana super early because we all were up very late. Then my first birthday call was from the wonderful Micah Cabe. He had to be at work this morning at 6:30 a.m. Not fun! Then, I got a birthday call from my DADDY! He was on his way to Tumor Board. My Sissy called me next and sang to me. Then, my MOMMA called and sang me not one, not two, but THREE birthday songs!!! I got to sing back-up on them over the phone. Laura, the girl I take to school, and I went to McDonald's for breakfast this morning and it was yummy. I haven't been to McDonald's in over a month--which is huge for me because I just love that place. I know it's not great for you, but I do love it. For lunch I'm going to go to Chick-Fil-A because my great friend, Karen, got me a gift card there. I love Chick-Fil-A. It's going to be an awesome lunch.

I did get myself a birthday present this morning. I got a fabulous Kate Spade organizer. It can be viewed here. It will arrive sometime next week. I cannot wait. It's red and hot pink, which some people feel do not go together. They are totally mistaken.

signing off for now. (8:40 a.m.) More birthday updates to come.

UPDATE (11:35 a.m.) I just ate a fabulous lunch from Chick-fil-a. This afternoon, my 2/3 choir will get to feast on a birthday cake. It will be delicious. I failed to mention my facebook happy wishes earlier. Keri was the 1st person to wish me happies on facebook. Tom was first, but he also was texting, so we are not going to count him. Colton's was funny. He wished me a great birthday--hoping it will be Jenn-----tacular. Hahaha! I love it. I've also had two classes sing me the birthday song, complete with "Cha-cha's". Oh, and it's lightly snowing! How's that for a birthday present? I'm thinking it's from Grandmom and Pop-pop because it's pretty to look at, but it's not messing up the roads. They know that I do NOT like that!

More to come throughout the day.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It is exactly 10 hours and 58 minutes until my birthday. I cannot wait!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

5 days and counting

Picture from a Festivus party hosted by Tom, Shana, Reilly, and Piper
It's now 5 days until my birthday. I've been a bit subdued about the birthday celebration because I've been getting over the wreck and dealing with insurance stuff, etc. However, I'm starting to feel like myself again, which means 5 DAYS UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Getting back to work was lots of fun this week. I had a great time seeing all the kids. Tonight, I took Reilly and Piper out to the Homecoming game and we had a lot of fun. Reilly and Piper are the daughters of my Karate instructors, Tom and Shana, and they are just the best. The whole family is awesome. Totally great. The best people to hang out with. We had a lot of fun hanging out and good times were had by all.

Tomorrow I'm going to go meet with my knitting friends and catch up with them. I'm also going to start a new de-cluttering program thing. I have a problem with clutter. It's not all over my house, but certain rooms are more cluttered than others. It's a new thing I wanted to do this year--not necessarily a resolution, but a lifestyle change because I realized as I get older and start a family--they are going to need some of their own room to put there own stuff. This is going to be an ongoing project complete with before and after pictures. NOTE: I'm willing to bare my soul to all who read this fabulous narrative of my life. This is huge. Prepared to be dazzled by my de-cluttering skills. Project details coming soon.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Everyone is blogging about how it is time to get back to the old routine of everyday life. I am excited and sad about going to back to work. It is always so much fun to see the children after our long break and see how they have changed and what all has been going on with them. I'm a little sad because it means that I'm back to my old routine without a break.

This break was really a good break despite the whole wreck. Even that was really sort-of a good thing because it forced me to sit and relax for several days. I don't do that very well. Micah came up from El Dorado to take care of me and we got to have some really good, quality time together. I mostly napped on the couch or read some things on my Kindle while he watched the numerous bowl games on the television.

Bonnie is doing a bit better. She had me worried a couple of days after the wreck because she was being so quiet and would make a face when she was moving. I would ask Micah if he thought she was all right and he would say, "You know how you are feeling--she's probably feeling that 10x worse because she is so small." So, she has been very spoiled the last couple of days. I'll hold her all day and I've made her some special treats so that she will be excited to eat. It's totally been working.

It's now only 11 days until my birthday--almost 10 days. It's crazy to think that I will be 29 years old.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Countdown---T-minus 13 days

It's officially time for the countdown to my birthday. It's only 13 days away. Can you stand the excitement? I can't!