Sunday, January 4, 2009


Everyone is blogging about how it is time to get back to the old routine of everyday life. I am excited and sad about going to back to work. It is always so much fun to see the children after our long break and see how they have changed and what all has been going on with them. I'm a little sad because it means that I'm back to my old routine without a break.

This break was really a good break despite the whole wreck. Even that was really sort-of a good thing because it forced me to sit and relax for several days. I don't do that very well. Micah came up from El Dorado to take care of me and we got to have some really good, quality time together. I mostly napped on the couch or read some things on my Kindle while he watched the numerous bowl games on the television.

Bonnie is doing a bit better. She had me worried a couple of days after the wreck because she was being so quiet and would make a face when she was moving. I would ask Micah if he thought she was all right and he would say, "You know how you are feeling--she's probably feeling that 10x worse because she is so small." So, she has been very spoiled the last couple of days. I'll hold her all day and I've made her some special treats so that she will be excited to eat. It's totally been working.

It's now only 11 days until my birthday--almost 10 days. It's crazy to think that I will be 29 years old.

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