Saturday, January 24, 2009

Check it out.

Car in garage--note: the garage will be a future de-cluttering project. Have no fear!
Before--check out the halfway done paint. That was supposed to inspire me. Note the messy counters and opened drawers.

Ahhh! The finished project! So nice! Note that all the fixtures were hung up by me! All by myself!

I did finish my first de-cluttering project. I will post a before and after picture here, but if you want more details, check out my other blog here. I messed up when I was writing it and didn't realize until the end that I was on the wrong blog. So, I'm going to be lazy and not rewrite it. Really you should go there and look at it because I wrote in detail about the project and it was really cool.

Oh, I also got my new car! It's a RAV4--super cool and I love it.


Victoria said...

Very COOL!! It looks so nice!! I wants to come visit soon! :)

Kate said...

Hey babelicious, your link doesn't work. You know you could just copy your post on the other blog and paste it as a new post here, right? ;) Congrats on the new car!

Jennimac said...

I did not realize that, but I fixed it and then followed your advice. Thanks so much!