Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kate Rocks My World!!!!

Kate informed that the link wasn't working in the previous post and that I could just copy it from the other blog and post it here. So, I did that and now Kate rocks my world once again!!!!!! She always has, but she rocks it even more!
When observing these pictures, please note that I hung all the hardware in this bathroom. By myself. With no men involved. I rock.
Finished project--doesn't it look lovely!
Before picture--note the messy counters and halfway painted part to inspire me to finish it. It didn't do that.
New car in garage. Note--garage is on list of de-clutter projects
Another picture of the counters--look at how clean they areA before picture! Messy, messy, messy!

Since my wreck, I had been driving a great rental car, an HHR from Chevy. This past Monday (January 19th) I got a new car. It's a RAV4. It is so precious. I absolutely love it!
This past weekend I went down to Micah's (I'm actually down again this weekend), came back to Conway and started to paint my bathroom, and got a new car. It was a busy, tiring weekend.
Here are pictures from my first de-cluttering project. I started with my master bathroom. I do realize that it is the smallest room and area that I could have possibly started with, but it's done and it looks great. I started with painting the bathroom the same color as my bedroom. When I moved in, like 6 years ago, I painted the bedroom before all the furniture was moved in it. I knew I wouldn't get it painted if I didn't do it then. I had every good intention of painting the bathroom at that same time, but never did. A couple of years go by and then I decide I'm going to paint a little bit in the bathroom, so I'll be inspired to finish it. A couple years later, here we are. I wanted to put up a shelf, but I knew I couldn't and really shouldn't put the shelf up unless I finished painting the whole bathroom. So, I decided Sunday that I was going to since we had Monday off from school. I didn't start painting until about 9 p.m. Real smart. I painted for several hours and then woke up Monday morning and painted some more. I needed an angled brush so I could cut in the edges at the walls and baseboards, so I had to go to Wal-Mart Monday afternoon and get that. In between painting on Monday, I picked up my new car, went out to lunch, and had several piano lessons with my students. THEN, I finally went back that evening and finished painting the entire bathroom. It was way past midnight when I was done, but totally worth it.
I didn't really finish cleaning out under the cabinet or decided where I wanted to put everything until Wednesday night after choir practice. I went by Starbucks with my Sissy, whom I was giving a ride in my new car. Then, I went back and got to work. I finally finished everything up on Thursday evening. I had to go to Lowe's and buy a new hand towel ring. I don't really like having a hand towel ring and I was really resistant to getting one, but I realized that I always have a hand towel in my bathroom. I might not like the rings, but I always have a hand towel that deserves to be placed in its correct area.
So, now that this project is completed, let me go over details:
1 can of sage green paint from Sherman Williams
1 new paint brush from Wal-Mart
1 bag of trash collected and thrown out
3 items that will be moved into the guest bathroom with a vast amount of cabinet room2 bags of things given to friends (1 bag-lip glosses, lotion, and perfume samples that kids adore, 1 bag-headbands, hair ties, ponytail holders, stretchy headbands)
1 new towel ring holder
Completely clear countertop
tray containing my "A" items--items that I use everyday and it makes sense that they are out in an 'easy' accessible place
my 'nice' towels placed out in everyday use because I deserve such luxuries. I shouldn't save them for other people. I deserve to use my 'nice' things.
My next project is my master closet. It's going to be major fun to organize in there!


Mary Kate said...

Your master bath looks fab, Hui! I love it. Very cute car too!

Kate said...

Wow, I've been rocking your world for a week and just now found out!

Also, I messed up the letter verification the first time and my second one spells "diarnit." How very appropriate.