Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well, I do believe that my birthday was a spectacular Jenn-tacular celebration. I had a lot of fun and have some of the best friends and family.

I didn't add another update the evening of my birthday. I was at McAlister's, eating with friends, and when I came back to my house, I packed to come down to Micah's. Since the last update at lunchtime on January 15, I went to Price Cutter and got a birthday cake for my After-school choir kids. We had a mini-celebration and the kids loved it. Then, I had some piano lessons after school. I went home and checked my mail and found some birthday cards from my very Momma and Daddy. I had also received some more birthday texts, including one from Charlie and his Mimi, whom I call Angel. I know that Charlie is very smart, but I do have to admit that I was impressed with his texting skills at 9 months old! =) My very Momma sent me three birthday cards. One never fully conveys all the wishes that you would like to send to the birthday recipient. My very Momma had the cards marked in the order that she wanted me to open them. The first one was a very sweet one. Of course, I cried. Then, I opened the second card and it was about how a daughter grows up and even though she has to leave and start her own life, she is always your daughter and her home is always there with her Mom and Dad. You got it, MORE tears. Then, I opened the final card and it was super sweet. This card also contained my birthday present, which was totally awesome. Then, I called my momma and told her how I liked it all---the presentation, the chosen cards, the gift--and how it all made me cry. She almost started crying, but was super happy that I loved it all. I had my final piano lesson of the evening, got some new pink pajamas from those girls. I went to Starbucks and had a Caffe Mocha. I got a call from my Alex and talked to her a bit. Then, I went to McAlister's. The first people to arrive were Jamie and James Paul. Then Keri came with the homemade birthday cake that Shana made. It was super delicious. Carie and Will arrived and Shana came with Reilly and Piper. About halfway during the meal, Colton and Anthony made it in. They had to teach at Greenbrier, so that's why they were late. We ate and opened presents. I got a really cool soap dispenser from Jamie that has a peace sign on it. I loved it! Carie, Will, and Hannah (who was at dance) gave me a steering wheel cover to help me grip it better. Way awesome and totally will use in my new car! Shana, Tom, Keri, Reilly, and Piper all got me a pedicure. I love pedicures. Shana is a major non-clutter person and she knows of my desire to be more like her. She told me that she was going to help me in my process of de-cluttering my house by getting me a present that can be used on myself and did not add to the 'things at my house' pile that is my house.

Yesterday I drove down to El Dorado. I was really nervous and a bit scared to drive past the wreck site. The thing that upset me the most was seeing the two tire streaks on the road where I tried to slam on the brakes and avoid the other person. That was really scary and showed me how far away I was and how I did try to not hit into another car. I knew I had done that, but I got to see physical evidence of it. It was nerve-wracking, but I made it down here. Micah and I had a quiet evening at the house. We went out to lunch today with his dad. James (Micah's dad) had his birthday yesterday, January 16. Just one day off of the best day ever. We may stay in tonight or may go bowling. Who knows? We're wild and crazy people.

On a final note, I received official confirmation on my comps and I did pass everything and am awaiting that big diploma with my name and the letters, MEd after it. Totally awesome!

I pick up my new car on Monday. Pics will follow! Also, I'm tackling my first de-clutter project, my bathroom. It's not as cluttered as it's just not completely done. I need to finish painting the walls and redo some of the pictures in there. I plan on painting tomorrow evening and then finishing it all up on Monday. I will post before and after pictures.

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