Monday, October 13, 2008


Micah and I at the event

It's been a while since I last blogged, so here I am. I had a busy week, followed by a busier weekend, complicated by the fact that ragweed decided to do whatever it does in full force, therefore escalating my allergies.

Friday I took a personal day and went to see my dad model. That's right, model. He was one of the GENTLEMEN of DISTINCTION for the Hope fundraiser. It was so great. The cause is a wonderful one--Helping Oncology Patients Excel. My dad was the cutest one up there. The best moment was when he and the other model decided to dance at the end of the runway. My dad has a lot of talents, but dancing is not one of his bests. Well, he broke out some new moves Friday night and they were so great--almost M.C. Hammer worthy. (Not really, but the effort and energy were amazing!)

Micah and I came back to Conway on Saturday and watched football. I also did some routine chores around the house. I went out and celebrated Jamie's birthday. We had lots of fun. I had to bail out early due to allergy sickness, but we had a blast.

Sunday I cooked Sarah Lehren Greer's fabulous Chicken Dumpling recipe. Super Yummy! I sent the leftovers back with Micah since he loved them so much.

Tonight I made myself some chili. I wish it was a bit colder outside, but I was in the mood for chili. Bonnie was sneaky and licked my bowl a little when I was done, so now her mouth is stained a nice red color.
This weekend will be a busy one--my mom and I are going to have a sleepover this Saturday--and this week I'm working on some house projects. Hopefully, I can post some finished product pics later!


Kate said...

Psst...I know someone who would like a good chicken and dumpling recipe....

Sarah said...

Yay! Im glad you liked the recipe. Its a "once a weeker" around here during fall and winter! Hope to see you soon!!!