Saturday, September 13, 2008

Blogging, Football, and Lumping

This weekend I am doing something that my father despises. I am lumping. I am doing nothing, but being a lump on a couch. I like to feel that this lumping is slightly productive because, as you can see, I have redone my blog background. I've been working on lesson plans and watching the progress of Hurricane Ike and subsequent weather issues from the storm. My father is not a fan of lumping unless he is really, really tired. I admit that I am a lot like my father in that I do not believe you have done a good day's work unless you have worked at least 20 hours in the 24 hour day. However, when a weekend of lumping is possible--I'm all for it.

I'm down in El Dorado. While some people might feel neglected or slighted by the fact that I am glued to my computer and thus occuppied, Micah does not. We have been watching various football games from Friday night and all day today. Some girls might feel neglected by the fact that their boyfriend is intently watching several games at once. However, I am not one of those girls. Nor is Micah one of those people who are upset with the fact that I'm sitting on the couch with my computer. I do LOVE college football and there have been some great games today. We are currently watching Georgia/South Carolina and Michigan/Notre Dame. We watched Maryland beat California. Last night, we watched South Florida beat Kansas in a great game. I was worried for that Freshman kicker. If he missed that field goal, his name was going to be mud. Lucky for him, he did not and now he is the man!

Weather watching has been going all right. Micah will switch over to the local weather channels for me during timeouts and commercial breaks. Those of you who know my momma, know that we watch the weather during any possibility of inclement weather. Jim Cantore and the Weather Channel have a direct line to our house to confirm weather outbreaks with my mom. Luckily, I think we are doing okay. I'm waiting to hear how my Uncle Brother, Aunt Vicki, and sweet, sweet Callie Marie faired during Hurricane Ike. They were gathering supplies and hunkering down. They live in Houston and during Hurricane Rita, they tried to evacuate, but traffic was a big problem. This time, they stayed home and were prepared for anything. We haven't seen any horrible weather yet in Arkansas, aside from some thunderstorms and high winds. Hopefully, the weather will not be too bad.

My sweet Bonnie Blue is also enjoying this weekend of lumping. She loves nothing more than laying in my lap or beside me, sleeping or chewing on a bone. Tomorrow, Bonnie Blue gets to spend the day with her Sissy, my aunt, while I have to sing at church. We will all meet for lunch and hang out in the afternoon, but while I'm singing at noon Mass and 5:30 Mass, Bon-Bon gets to play with Sissy. They have lots of fun--they play chase and Sissy spoils her completely.

This is probably the longest post I've ever posted. So, I think this means my lumping is highly productive and much needed today.

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Kate said...

Lumping = fantastic.

Glad your family is okay! We had some folks down there that had to evacuate too. My sister lost power all the way up by Dallas!