Thursday, August 7, 2008

Let's Go Red Sox

I just got back from experiencing my 2nd MLB game. The first one is filled with great memories of hot dogs and that's about all. I was a lot younger. This one was a birthday present for Micah, since he is a big Red Sox fan. We watched the final game in their series with the Royals. All the baseball lingo and traditions are very new to me. Those who know me well know that I am not the sporty type. I do have my moments, but baseball is definitely not it. However, I really enjoyed the game last night. It was nice and cool up in Kansas City. We had great seats out off the 3rd baseline, in the outfield. We sat near some nice people from Indiana and of course, ate some great concession stand food. My favorite was the cotton candy.

The Red Sox won the game 8-2 and we even got to see a home run! That was hit by Jacoby Ellsbury. The funniest moment occurred after the game when a little girl, who was 9, asked me who my favorite player was. I looked at Micah and then honestly said, "I can't really pick a favorite. I like them all." I didn't really let her know that the reason they are all my favorite is because I don't really know the players that well. That is going to change since watching them and really enjoying the game. I know somewhere that there are Red Sox fans rejoicing. They now have another fan!

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