Wednesday, March 4, 2009

blog vacation

Without meaning to, I have taken a mini-blogging vacation, a.k.a. I haven't posted in over two weeks. I've been really busy and haven't had that much to discuss. I spent the last weekend with Micah in El Dorado. He is moving to a new apartment, which is always fun to do. He is really excited and I liked it a lot. We went to his brother's house on Saturday and ate lunch with his brother, Reuben, and his dad, James. Just me and the Fullerton men. Reuben and I dominate the conversations. =) We then got out the musical instruments and played some songs. I sang, Reuben played the acoustic guitar, James played the bass guitar, and Micah rocked the drums. This was a talent that I knew he possessed, but I hadn't been allowed to see him play the drums until that day. He did a great job! I loved it. I ended up getting sleepy from our lunch, so I dozed on the couch while the boys continued to play.

The weekend before that Micah came up to Conway and I had testing for my 2nd degree Red belt. I passed my test and I'll test in August for my BROWN BELT AND BLACK GI!!!!! I am so excited about that test. Also, Grandmaster Han will be here for that testing, so he will get to tie my belt on me and I will get to have that honor. It will be so exciting I can't even talk about it. Micah and I went out on a date that Saturday night and saw Gran Turino. I really liked it. It was a deep movie and I was emotional throughout it, but I really thought the direction was great and all of the actors did a good job. We ate dinner at the New China restaurant--the 'Ryan's' of Chinese restaurants.

This weekend I am cleaning out junk and taking it to the flea market AND taking one of my favorite 2nd grader's out for her birthday. Piper is the daughter of my karate instructors and she is just an amazing person. For her birthday we are going out to lunch and then I am making her a reversible skirt. We will see how it all turns out. =)


Anonymous said...

I didn't know Micah was moving! How exciting! I'm guessing still in El Dorado? Also does Micah know of MM's drum talents? Is Drumline one of his fav. movies, because it is one of mine! haha :)

Love, your favorite Victoria

Mary Margaret said...

So I just redid my blog! I figured out everything--back grounds, survey, header (I made it on scrab blog) and I even figured out how to add other blogs to the side! YAY!!!!!