Monday, March 16, 2009

Look what I did!

Okay, so I did not inherit my Grandmom's green thumb at all, though in my heart, I would love to be a great gardener like she was. My Daddy is just as awesome in his ability to grow green things--like he doesn't have enough talents already. My Momma inherited the ability to plant flowers, etc. from my Grandmom and my Sissy is the person that I call whenever I have a question about some plant or tree. She soaked up all my Grandmom's knowledge on the subject of gardening.
Well, tonight I took the first step in landscaping. I've lived at my house for about 6 years now and I haven't once thought about or wanted landscaping. It didn't really bother me. However, I started thinking that it would look pretty and tried to think about what I would do. My Grandmom and Pop-Pop had a forsythia bush at their house and I always loved it. It is just so pretty and springy. I was at Lowe's on Wednesday and they had their forsythia bushes on sale. I bought two of them and planted them in my front yard. My friend, Jamie, helped me design a landscaping plan, but I'm going to have to save some money to complete everything. So, for right now, I have planted my bushes and I pray that they will flourish and do well!

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