Wednesday, January 13, 2010

30 looks good

2010 has turned about to be a great year so far! One of my most favorite days in the year occurred this last Friday. It was, of course, MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! It is a well celebrated event by almost everyone and it usually is celebrated for the whole month of January. And why not, I ask?!? It is in the middle, so it is only right to have a pre-celebration leading up to the blessed event and then you need the after-party to bring you back to your regular, everyday life......., so it is celebrated the whole month.

I had a great day on Friday. I have some the sweetest and most wonderful students EVER! I was givcn homemade cards, hugs, and homemade, chocolate chip, coconut cookies. TO DIE FOR!!!!! Micah Cabe came up here and we went to the homecoming game and then out to eat at Marketplace. We used a fabulous gift card that was given to us to celebrate our engagement by some of my dearest and longest friends. Thanks Jess, Mark, Charlie, Angela, and Gary!!!!! We loved it! Then, I got my fabulous birthday gifts from the wonderful Micah. It started with a sweet, sweet, sweet card. Then, I got UP on Blu-ray. I was super excited until I realized that it was a blu-ray disc and I was like, "Uhm, I can't watch it because I don't have a blu-ray player." Micah corrected me and showed me something inside my T.V. cabinent. Oh, was a PS3!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it and then, he told me that I could also use it to play.........ROCKBAND 2!!!!!! Does he know me well or what?!? I've been bugging him for months and months to get Rockband or Guitar Hero, so I could play a game on his PS3 or Wii and he would tell me that it wasn't somethine we should get right now. Well, now I know why!

My Mom and Daddy got me a Cricut. It's one of those personal cutting machines for scrapbooking and cardmaking. It is fabulous! If you like to be crafty....I highly recommend you get it. I got the Cricut Create, which cuts letters or images up to 5 inches tall, but is so little and lightweight, you can take with you anywhere. It will be traveling with me up to Fayetteville this weekend so I can show my Momma all it's capabilities. My only regret is I haven't gotten one before now. Yes, I did just write that sentence....I'm a crafty-making dork and I like it! =)

Alex's gift was a Christmas/Birthday gift.... a beautiful Kate Spade bag. It debuted on my birthday and everyone loved it. Sissy treated me to fabulous treats at one of my favorite craft stores......Michael's. This weekend I get to see Mary Margaret and we will celebrate my birthday this weekend with her precious Miley. By the way, check out Mary Margaret's blog. It has the BEST post ever.

Onto other lifechanging things, I've been working and checking things off the to-do lists for the wedding. We haven't been able to set a date yet because we both have busy schedules and we have to figure out where we want to live as a family, but we are still trying to pick out things so that when we do finalize a date, BOOM, we have things decided and it's just a matter of getting invitations out, vendors finalized, etc.

One of the biggest things that we got done, was the fact that I found a dress!!!!! It is beautiful, to-die-for, everything I ever wanted dress. I went down to Low's in Brinkley with my Mom and Sissy. We had an appointment on Monday, December 28th. We went in and met with our consultant, Debbie. She was great. I told her right off the bat that I really liked her and that we were going to get along great.....and we did. We went into a room and just started looking at dresses. We pulled about 3 or 4 dresses to start out with. The first dress I tried on was a strapless dress. I had said that I didn't want a strapless because I don't look that great in strapless. Everything that I have tends to not stay in place in a strapless or reveals more than I wnat to reveal. Yet, here I was trying on a strapless dress. Well, we got it on and it only affirmed what I already felt. There are some girls who are gorgeous in strapless.....I was not one of them that day. So, I'm standing on the pedestal and we all agree that there are parts of this dress we like and parts we do not like. So, my Mom looks over to one of the dress racks in the room we are in and sees a dress. She points it out to me and I totally wanted to try it on. We go into the dressing room and I ignore the other dresses we had already pulled and tried this one on. So, it was too big, but the Debbie, our consultant, clipped it tighter and it was perfect! Mom and Sissy cried, I cried. It was great! We ended up picking out the veil and headpiece. We were down and walked out of there before the appointment time had official ended. We were totally awesome. =)

I've already found my shoes, so now I'm looking for something borrowed and something old. It's great to be able to check some things off the wedding checklists.

Sorry this was such a long post and I promise I'll do better at keeping things up-to-date on wedding plans and life!

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