Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Spazz Out Time

First, I'd like to acknowledge that my last post looks like I posted it on Wednesday, January 13 before my birthday and yet I talked about how 'last Friday was so awesome' (meaning my birthday). I'm sure you read it and thought, "that's was a bit weird" and it's what I get for not finishing the post when I originally start it. So, next time, when I start a post, I will finish it!

So, with that out of the way, onto the topic that is on my mind all the time. I've heard other brides say, "Once you get engaged, wedding is all you'll think and all you'll study until your wedding." I was like, sure you think that, you're stressed out, not me...I'll be fine. Uhm, they were right. Like, really right. Totally right.

Now don't get worried that I'm spazzing out (by the way, my new favorite phrase). I'm not really. Well, not all the time. Just kidding. But, seriously.

The thing that I've realized in my short time of planning (right now I've got 1 month under my belt) is that there is a lot of information. Tons of it. I've got a subscription to a Bridal magazine and I've realized that there is a lot of information that is just presented in several different ways. That's not a bad thing, it just means that you hear it many, many times. My very Momma has given me some of the best advice---once you find what you like or decide on something, stop looking at things that deal with it. (That's not verbatim, but the main gist of it--she definitely said it more eloquently) For instance, I've found my dress. It was the 2nd one I tried on. I was done. D-O-N-E, done. We ordered, purchased it, and now I'm waiting to go pick it up. (By the way, it came in a couple of months early and I get to make an appointment to pick it up---so very excited!!!!) So, I stopped looking at dresses. I haven't been to other dress stores, trying on other ones, etc. I didn't have to waste time or brain power worrying about it. (PS. I've realized this is like the 2nd time or 3rd time I've written about the dress, but it's awesome. A story worth telling. Again.)

So, right now I'm just thinking about the different stuff we need to decide about, but for the most part, things are already picked. I know the where the ceremony will happen, where the reception will be, what music will be played (that was so hard--just kidding!), and things like that. It's the little things that I mull about and waffle back and forth about. But, every time I start to spazz out, I hear my very Momma's voice in my head and I calm down and I realize it's not that hard. I already found the hardest part.

I've found my love.

The one that is for me.

The one that makes me smile when I think about him.

The one that gets me.

I found my Micah.

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