Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The year 2009 is coming to close and I'm thinking back to what a year it has been.

Run down of 2009:
Got a new car
Bonnie and I had some fabulous birthdays
Became a Mary Kay Consultant
Family had a great year (Palm Springs trip, Florida, Dallas with Mary Margaret, etc)
Micah Fullerton proposed and I said yes!
Started my 8th year of teaching (Yikes!)
Micah and I attended some fine Razorback football games
Found my wedding dress (2nd one I tried on!)
Fell off the blogging bandwagon, but jumped right back on when I had news!
Micah, Bonnie, and I had a fabulous Christmas card (Thanks Victoria!)
And much, much more.....

Isn't it funny how the year seems to drag on and on and then when we think back on it, we have such a hard time remembering what all went on?

I'm looking forward to 2010. Not only do I turn 20-10 this year, Micah and I are planning our future together. My New Year's decisons for this upcoming year are just that...decisions, not resolutions. I am going to simplify, organize, and eliminate all the extras in my life. I know that I cannot plan a wedding, look to a new life, and be a good teacher/fiancee/daughter/person if I don't get a hold on everything. Being a teacher, I crave routine. I do not do well with change. When I begin to feel stressed out, I shut down physically, emotionaly, everything.

Mary Margaret pointed out that after my "Did you miss me?" post, I didn't blog about anything until the night that Micah and I got engaged. =) I promise to do better in the future. =)

We haven't set a date for our fwedding, but we have made some great progress in the whole wedding planning thing. I have decided (with Micah) our colors (black, silver, celadon--with accents of red), found the dress (2nd one I tried on--more on that story later), and started planning our future life--Micah and I are focused on having a great wedding, but more importantly having a life together. We don't want to spend everything that we have on the wedding and then spend the rest of our life eating ramen noodles on paper plates. =)

I'm going to work tonight on cleaning and taking down Christmas decorations. I usually leave them up until Epiphany, but I figured with cleaning, it will just be easier to take them down now. So, when start back to school on Monday, January 4th (yikes!), the house is clean and ready for the new year.


Mary Margaret said...

it wasn't just Micah with you at the football game, might I add

Jennimac said...

True....I had a wonderful time with you, Mom, and Dad at the games! You did get a shout-out with our trip to Dallas!

Kate Hart said...



Jennimac said...

Hey....I got them on there now. I figured out how to do it. I was pretty proud of myself. Of course, I followed your directions found in the 'Help for MLW' area. =)