Saturday, December 13, 2008

Let me count my blessings!

As we near towards Christmas, I'm tempted to count my blessings. I am always aware of my blessings, but Christmas is a totally appropriate time to count these blessings. I don't think it's fair to be this happy, but as this is a time that has brought some sad memories, I'll take being really happy this year. The last several years have been kind of hard at the holidays because we lost my wonderful Grandmom and Pop-Pop. I know that they are happy in heaven, but it's made the last couple of holidays kind of sad because we all miss them so much. This year it seems to be better for me. I'm sad, but I'm also excited about the holidays and all the glory that goes with it. Here are some of my blessings:
  • My family. I don't think you could ask for a better family. I love my Momma and Daddy sooooooooo much. They have taught me how to be me and they have done a rockin' job at it. My sisters are the absolute best. I don't think I could come up with words to describe how much they mean to me. My Sissy---who else would I want to spend every Sunday with?!? My family in general just completes rocks my world to no end.
  • Micah. He is just the most wonderful person in my life. We met right about this time last year and this past year has been beyond describing. He's so great and makes me so happy. P.S. I already got some of my Christmas present and it's two tickets to see the Christmas Spectacular with the Rockettes next Thursday. How totally completely wonderful and awesome is that? Plus, he laughed when I got the tickets and (jokingly!) said, "Wow! I wonder who I'll pick to take with me!" Of course, Micah and I are going. =)
  • My faith. I do spend every Sunday at two Masses and it does make my weekends kind of busy. However, if I didn't have that in my life, I imagine it would be hard to make it through the week. The weekends that I don't have two Masses don't really seem complete. I am just happy and blessed by my faith.
  • My friends. I have pretty awesome friends. I have ones that I've been friends with since Junior High and some that I've made from working. I also have some that my Mom pays them to be my friend. Just kidding! I do have awesome friends. It doesn't matter how often I talk to them or maybe not so often if they live out of state or even out of the country, we seem to just pick up right where we left off. My friends are awesome. P.S. I'll see some of you at Grubs on December 26th at 9 p.m.!
  • My job and students. I am truly happy at what I do. Even on the days that I'm tired and it's a bit difficult, I love it. My students rock. They are the best. Even at this time of the year when they are bouncing off the walls because they are sooooo excited. They always make me smile.
  • My pets. I have two cats, Serendipity and Bloomsbury, and a dog, Bonnie Blue. I love those animals so much. They are so funny. Bonnie is totally smaller than the cats, but she doesn't realize it and wrestles with them all the time.
  • Little things in life. It doesn't seem like much, but it can be that little thing that makes you smile. I always try to find something to be positive about every day. I was told last night that even my handwriting is happy. This person said that they felt like they should be happier just looking at it and they decided that they were. It may not be a big thing to most, but to me it made me smile.

I know there are more to list, but for right now, these come to mind. It's great time of year to be with your family and to do family traditions and make memories. I am going to try and make it through this last week of school before our holiday break and then we can all start preparing for one of the best days ever. January 15th. =)

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Anonymous said...

I'm just sure you are aware, but today is one month till you birthday!! How exciting! :)

your favorite sister Victoria