Saturday, December 27, 2008


Close-up of ice from the ice storm
My Driveway and street
View of my house

I hope everyone had a wonderful, happy Christmas! I had the best Christmas ever!

I sang at 4 p.m. Mass and then had Midnight Mass. Micah came up in between the two masses and then we went to Midnight Mass together so I could sing. When we got back, we opened presents and then on Christmas morning we drove up to my Mom and Dad's house for Christmas festivities up there.

When we arrived we opened presents right away. I got a Kindle!!!!!!! Jeal-ous?!?! I'm super excited about it. It can store tons of books and it's really awesome and totally recommended by Oprah. For a big reader like me, it's an awesome gift. My sis Alex got me the Pride and Prejudice disc set. I'm soooooo excited about that! Me and Mr. Darcy! Yea! Mary Margaret got me some fabulous Mary Kay products. If you are in need of Mary Kay stuff--talk to MM--she will hook you up! Victoria got me a "J" koozie and some very pretty chopsticks.

Micah's presents were super awesome. I couldn't wait anymore to open them, so when we got back at 2 a.m. after Midnight Mass, we got to open presents. I got two gorgeous scarves, 2 fabulous big purses, some pretty earrings, and the first season of Friends DVD disc set. My sisters and I are obsessed with Friends and pretty much quote it all the time. I know have seasons 1, 5,6,7, 8, 9, and 10. I'm almost there to a full series. I love it. I got Micah a Razorback hoodie (I let him open it early, since I got the tickets to the Christmas Spectacular), a "Yoooouk! can do it shirt" (he is a big Boston Red Sox fan), 3 pairs of flannel Old Navy pants, and Fallout 3. He is super pumped about the pants and Fallout 3--I know he loved all his gifts though!

Micah and I came back to Conway on Saturday. Friday night we went out to Grub's to meet up with my old High School buddies. It was great to see everyone! Saturday we went shopping up at Pinnacle after the horrible storms moved through and we ate a bite at P.F. Chang's.
Blogger is being difficult, so I'm having trouble uploading some pics. I was able to post some from the ice storm we had a couple of weeks ago.

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