Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I've started the wonderful process of decorating for Christmas by changing the background on my blog. I love the colors on this one and I like the "Ho, ho, ho!". One of my best friends, Jamie, has the sweetest little boy--James Paul. When James Paul was little, we tried to come up with a great little 'name' for me, since I would be major important in his life. (wink) Jamie calls me 'Jenni H' and we tried and tried to have James Paul say that. The only sound we could get him to make was "Ho". Thus, my name became "Ho-Ho". It was pretty funny when we went to Walgreen's right after this naming and James Paul yelled up and down the aisles for "Ho-Ho". Then, when I would appear, he would say, "Ho-Ho!" with a great, big smile. The name has stuck and James Paul even knows when his mom talks about her friend, Jennifer, that that is his "Ho-Ho". He is super smart. ;)

Next weekend, I'm going to decorate the house for Christmas. I am going to 'clean out' some of the decorations I don't use and either give them away or take them up to school and decorate with them there. I am going to take my huge tree and my white Christmas tree up to my rooms at school. Then, Micah is going to let me have his Christmas tree and so I'll decorate that! I'm going to find my camera cord, so I will take pics and then post them.

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