Friday, November 14, 2008

Deck the Halls with.........

Okay. I have issues with people who like to push the holidays, namely the whole shopping industry. It was the Friday before HALLOWEEN and there were CHRISTMAS decorations up all around the stores. Before a holiday even arrives, it's already been cast aside for the next upcoming attraction. When I was heading to my house last night, I noticed a house in my neighborhood that had their Christmas lights turned on and their manger out front. It was a beautiful sight, however, Thanksgiving is not for another couple of weeks.

Well, despite all this griping, I think I'm going to join these early greeters of the Holidays and join in the Holiday fun. Is that bad? I plan to get my Christmas tree next week. Micah is letting me have his and we are going to decorate it at my house over Thanksgiving break. We are spending Thanksgiving with my parents, sisters, and Sissy, but once we get back to Conway--Christmas decorating will commence. I'm almost done with my shopping and I'm way excited about my gifts this year.

I will refrain from posting any pics of Christmas gifts, lest someone tries to see what Santa is bringing this year. However, most will be made by my own two hands! So, while the weather outside is not frightful and it's too hot to have a fire, know that the Christams spirit is stirring in my soul.

Tonight I have a date with wonderful Micah. Could life get any better?

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