Saturday, June 26, 2010


Now I'm on Summer Break and let me tell you, it's beautiful. I enjoy it so much. So far this month that we've been off, I've gone to Destin (just before the oil got there-don't get me started on it, it's tragic, just tragic), booked a cake maker (our cakes are going to be delicious and beautiful!), visited with cousins (asked them to be the flower girl and greeters--Finn and Ty are going to be the best and Pearl will be the sweetest flower girl ever!), came down to see my honey (he's working nights, but it allowed me to get some wedding organizing done), and dealt with grown-up problems like my refridgerator breaking and losing all my food in there. That was horrible!

Next Tuesday, I meet with someone to talk about DJ-ing and the possibility of some uplighting, etc. I'm really excited about it. Micah and I are ready to have lots of fun at the reception and dance with all our guests. We decided on a first dance song and we've been practicing our dance moves. =)

We've begun our pre-martial classes that are required by my church. We meet for a total of 6 times and we take a FOCUS assessment. It's not a test, but rather a tool for us to see areas that we are really compatible and areas that we are not so compatible. Then, we spend that time talking with the deacon who will marry us and go over things so we see each other's views.

In a week, we go over invitations and catering. Yum!!!! Everyone knows that this girl is all about some food.

On another note, Save-the-Dates are going out next week, Micah and I had a wonderful date nght last Saturday, and I just adore my sweet, sweet Bonnie Blue. =)

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Mary Margaret said...

Good, Jenn! Although, I think you a Micah started pre-marITal classes. But the pre-MARTIAL classes sound much more exciting...