Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break

Me on top of Yellow Rock

I have lived for this week all school year and as soon as it is done, I'll live for the next one. Spring Break is something that one can never get tired of of. I love it! It's a great week to relax, have fun, and recharge your batteries as you hold on to your britches for the rest of the school year.

Micah gets a week of vacation from his job and he arranged it so it was the same weekend as my Spring Break! Is he smart or what? We took a trip up to Devil's Den State Park and spent 4 days up there, hanging out, building fires, and hiking. Yes, you read that correctly, I said hiking.

For those of you who know me, you know I am a girly girl. I may do some things that will surprise you, but for the most part, I'm a girly girl who doesn't camp or do outdoorsy stuff. Now, let me just say that we didn't camp out in the woods; we stayed in a cabin, which for me is camping. Some of you might say that that is not camping, but it was out in the woods, I didn't have everything from home, so for me that was camping. I would like to say that I have told Micah that I would consider an overnight camping trip. For me, that's huge!

We had a blast up there. We hiked four different trails and bought some hiking sticks. We are already planning our next hiking adventure. If you are considering visiting one of the State Parks, I highly recommend it. It is just a blast!

**I promise I'm going to add pictures of Micah and I, but blogger is not letting me add anymore. =(

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Kate Hart said...

I'm so proud of you. :)